Sacred Space

Picture my blog as a room:

It would be a spacious living room with fluffy carpet, big cozy couches ideal for snuggling up with dear friends. Conveniently placed coffee tables would house mugs and ice cream bowls and tall glasses of white wine. There would be a fireplace – a real one – to keep us warm (and to roast marshmallows on, obviously). You would arrive and just walk right in, there is no need to knock or ring the doorbell here. We’re all family. Artwork made by our friends would cover the walls, and favorite songs would play lightly in the background.

Probably Ben Rector’s song Make Something Beautiful, because it’s the anthem of this space:

Please let me make something beautiful

A thing that reminds us there’s good in the world

A thing that reminds us there’s still something out there worth fighting for

 This is my prayer and hope for this space, as I believe it is Ben Rector’s for his music and concerts, that this would be a space where beautiful things are born, where JOY is found and good is advanced. A place where we fight through the raw and difficult in order to find peace and fullness of life. 

I pray that this is a place where we dive into the grey areas of this world, seeking Scripture and listening to the Lord, who speaks to us actively today. I hope it is a space for asking questions without fear of looking dumb, for putting aside our pride in order to truly learn and grow. A place where we can celebrate and champion each other in our victories, and comfort and mourn with each other in the hard times. It is a creative space where ideas are honored and encouraged, and we can map out our little dreams together. This space welcomes every voice, every background, every color, and every story. This is my hope for what my life would be, really – a sacred space.

So today, in our spacious but warm room, this is what I want to tell you:

The resurrection means something for you. We celebrate it on Easter but we live it out every day (or we should). When Jesus conquered death, we did too. We walk in the freedom of that day. It means that you are no longer defined by your sin or your past mistakes. It means, also, that you can’t keep living in your current sin or mistakes. You can’t keep lying, gossiping, cheating, or whatever it might be for you. I can’t either. The resurrection means that we are resurrected people, reunited with our intended selves. We are returned to the life that God meant for us from the beginning. God tells us that there simply isn’t time for us to live chained to our jealousy, our insecurity, our fear. Live free.

I also just want to remind you that you are so wonderful. Yes, you. Not just the other wonderful people you can think of, but beautiful-wonderful you. You are doing awesome things. You are chasing dreams and choosing courage and seeking JOY. You are such a gift to this world by just being who you are. Don’t hide yourself and make the rest of the world miss out. Even when your life feels small – it is meaningful and catches the eye of Heaven. Be who you are. Do that thing you want to do. Throw away the lies and the fears. Believe in yourself.

You’re welcome in this space, where only kind words are spoken and we laugh and cry freely without shame or apology. It’s the kind of space where we invite each other into the messy, mundane, and miraculous of our lives and hearts, knowing that “she who is brave is free.” Come on in, friend.



I think I’ve used this picture like three times…not worried about it.

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I write to process, and sometimes send those thoughts out into the void. Passionate about Jesus and people and bringing those two together. Living in and loving Denver. Working with college students, who are the coolest. Seeking Jesus and JOY in everything.

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