Back to Basics


When life is messy and hard, when it seems like our world is headed full speed towards destruction, when fear is ever present, I think of the One who I follow.

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Dear Friend (a prayer)


Hey Friend, When I don’t know what else to write, it’s prayer. Really, whatever I am writing is a prayer. If it isn’t something I wouldn’t say to God, I shouldn’t be saying it. That doesn’t mean I don’t say certain four letter words, it just means I should avoid lies and trivial gossip and […]

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The Holy Work


I feel like the Lord is telling me: Do the holy work of showing up for your own life.

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Life Mantras and Ankle Tattoos


It is a cliche Christian college girls question: “Which bible guy would you want to marry?” Ew gross I can’t believe I really participated in that conversation. But alas, it happened. My answer was Joshua. My thought process was pretty simple: Joshua wasn’t a screw-up. (This probably has something to do with my expectations of […]

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The Invitation to Bravery


He is not offering me a hiding place behind a shield, He is offering me a sword named Courage and saying, “You can do hard things.”

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