What You Should Be Reading (and other birthday goals)


So last year, a friend asked me what my twenty-six goals were for my twenty-sixth year of life. Let me tell you, I should have made “coming up with twenty-six goals” one of my goals, because then I would have accomplished something. This list included, but was not limited to: Go on 26 dates. (Ohhhh, […]

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Saturday Night

cookies and coffee

I’m twenty-six and it’s a Saturday night. Maybe I should be out with friends, dancing at a night club, meeting guys probably. Instead I’m in my pajamas on my bed surrounded by a bag of Crispy M&M’s, Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love, remotes, phone, pens, and Celestial Seasoning’s Cinnamon Apple Spice tea.

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A Letter to My Students

donut and coffee

With every passing year, I am so humbled by the gift of knowing Jesus. He is so tender with our hearts, He is so full of grace for us in our mistakes. He is the best thing that will ever happen to us. Whatever you do, seek Him. There is nothing that matters more in this lifetime.

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Follow Your JOY


JOY has a depth that is incomparable. JOY is hope in times of trial, trust in times of uncertainty, and peace in times of chaos.

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On Running, the Sunrise, and Saying Yes to Your Life


So I’m choosing to run. I’m choosing to say yes to depth in relationship, to the scary new things, to knowing Jesus even more personally each day. I’m choosing to read Scripture and figure out what I believe. I’m choosing to fill the space God has given me, to step into my life and stretch it to its limits.

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Live Freely


Your chains are not your story. What you have done in the past, what has been done to you – those things don’t define you.

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A Personal God


Tomorrow I get to see two people I really love get married. My brother and his fiancé are going to have a beautiful wedding in Maine and I can’t wait to dance my pants off (figuratively speaking, of course). Their story is, well, intricate; the way the Lord brought them together is no accident and […]

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