This past weekend I was at a Beth Moore conference that was nothing short of amazing. It was not your typical Beth Moore conference; it was geared specifically for women in their twenties and thirties who are passionate about and feel called to teach and write about the Bible. Beyond anything else, I walked away with a renewed sense of passion for the Scriptures and for intimacy with Jesus.

So I came home and was determined to be in my Bible, which has been a rare occurrence in recent months. I analyzed my daily liturgy to see where I was wasting time and where I could make room for what really matters.

I started in Galatians, and barely made it through chapter one. I was struck by the way Paul starts this letter with his story. He is reminding the church in Galatia of their need for the Gospel – the true Gospel. In order to convince them of this, he tells his story.

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The Purpose in it All

When we don’t understand the fact that we are key players in the redemption story happening all around us all the time we live this life scared, lonely, and fighting for survival. Instead, we are designed to flourish.

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Dear Friend

I want to carry it all for you: the doubt, the pain, the heartache, and the anger. I want to believe in Him enough for us all. I’m going to try.

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what we bring to the table (and what jealousy does to dreams)

As I begin to dream and have big hopes for my life, I find myself constantly comparing myself to those who have either reached those dreams or are next to me in the “race” towards those hopes and dreams. And I struggle. I’ll be honest – I sometimes hope for their downfall. I compose mental lists of why I’m better than them, or, more often, why they are better than me.

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