Living in the Current (a love letter to Cross Culture Church)

One of the coolest things in this life is seeing your people bring their dreams to life. I’m all about that.

About a year ago, my best friend came to me and our other best friend and shared this crazy idea she had. She was considering moving close to the Denver airport (way the heck out there) to help this awesome family plant a church. She asked us to fast with her once a week and to pray for discernment as she decided. We were overjoyed to join her in that process, even though it was pretty obvious from the light in her eyes that she already knew she was going.

That church, Cross Culture Church, launched three weeks ago in Green Valley Ranch. I attended this past Sunday for the first time and, you guys…I have no words.

all photos by Laura Bernero (#skillz)

That’s a lie, I obviously have words or I wouldn’t be writing this. What I mean is that I was absolutely blown away.

Another sweet friend created this “Monthly Vision Guide” where she leads you through reflection and questions about the past month, and then goal setting, discernment, and hopes for the coming month. When I went through it, I kept coming back to this desire to be in the “current of the Spirit.” He is always moving, always leading, always gently inviting us into deeper relationship and growth with the Lord. I want to be in the flow of the Spirit.

I’ve experienced that before, but honestly it feels like it has been a while. And then I attended my best friend’s church. WOAH. The Spirit was heavy in that place, and I don’t say things like that all the time. I truly felt like I was swimming – in the current of the Spirit.

Have you ever been in a place where you felt entirely surrounded by the Lord’s presence in a way that makes you feel completely whole, known and clean? That is how I felt. So in the presence of the Lord that I couldn’t control my tears, and every thought of my sweet Jesus made me emotional and teary all over again. (In the best way.)

A church that brings me back to center, that focuses my attention on Jesus and only Jesus…that is where I want to be. That is where we should all want to be.

I heard the Lord say to me as I looked around the room: This is what it looks like to be faithful. This is what courage looks like lived out.


Here is the thing. I know this group of people. I know the family that started this dream (we call them our “pre-teen spiritual parents”). I know the people who have moved from far away to be part of it. I know my best friend who doesn’t just listen but follows the voice of the Lord. I know the sacrifices they have made, the prayers they pray, and the hopes they have for their city. So that experience was all the more powerful because I know that these people depend on the Lord for all of this, and take none of the glory for themselves.

When the worship team sang, And if our God is for us, then who can stand against? I recognized it as the battle cry of this team, this family, these dear people who have sacrificed and trusted so much. God is so for you, Cross Culture Church!! Nothing can stand against.

There are plenty of people planting churches, the same way I feel like there are more than enough people that are writing. But here is the deal: No one can plant that church. No one else can reach your people in the way you can. No one can create the environment of safety and unity that so beautifully blurs the lines of race, socioeconomic status, religious background, etc. the way YOU do, Cross Culture Church.

My best friend made this! I know, right?

We all need this reminder – to faithfully steward what God has given us, individually. No one can make your dream happen except you. Lead your people well. Shepherd your row. Put in the time and effort. Let the Spirit help you dream, and then follow it through with faith – this is a recipe for changing the world.

This is the best picture of faithfulness. God gives us all dreams – He has good works planned out in advance for us to do. Faithfulness means trusting that and doing it. It means living in the current of the Spirit and obeying the call. Fear cannot dictate our lives anymore. We need to courageously follow the call of the Father and be expectant that He will do miracles through us. Nothing less!

All I know is that I won’t be able to stay away from a church like that for very long, and neither should you. Check them out here:

Consider giving here, and attending their Easter service.

Here’s some of my favorite people, at one of my new favorite places!! yay!

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